19 humorous 4/20 quotes and sayings to get you excessive laughing


April twentieth or 4/20 is named the annual celebration of cannabis and of us on social media have been commemorating the day with humorous quotes.

Today is the unofficial cannabis worldwide day which is marked by many people in licensed states throughout the United States and totally different elements of the world.

April twentieth is commonly a day to rejoice marijuana and various for folk to voice their help to legalise cannabis of their respective worldwide places.

If you’re passionate with reference to the topic, listed under are 19 hilarious 4/20 quotes and sayings to rejoice the day and use them as captions in your social media posts.

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19 humorous 4/20 quotes and sayings

  • “I was about to write a good quote but then I got high and forgot it.” -Unknown
  • “I never joined high school, I joined school high.” – Unknown
  •  “I wake up early in the morning and it feels so good. Smoking on some s**t that you wish you could.” – Snoop Dogg
  •  “If somebody gives me a joint, I might smoke it, but I don’t go after it.” – John Lennon
  • “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley
  • “I got high, and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high.” – Ricky Williams
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  • “A friend with weed is a friend indeed.” – Pops O’Donnell
  • (*19*)- How High
  • “You either love weed, or you’re wrong.” – Unknown
  • “It’s CANnabis, not CAN’Tabis.” – Unknown
  • “I am always high because the universe is so low.” – Unknown
  • “Struggle is the enemy, but weed is the remedy.” – Kid Cudi
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  • “It has always been said that wealth cannot buy you joy, but it can buy you marijuana and that is just enough.” – Unknown
  • “If you ever miss 4:20, just wait until 4:22. Because 4:22 is 4:20, too.” – Unknown
  • “Couples who blaze together, stay together.” – Unknown
  • “It’s hard to be mean when you’re stoned.” – Bill Lee
  • “Let us burn one from end to end, and pass it over to me, my friend.” — Ben Harper
  • “Smoke the marijuana and get high. Stay above the wicked and fly.” — Snoop Dogg
  •  “I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints. And then I smoke two more.” – Sublime

19 humorous 4/20 quotes and sayings to get you excessive laughing.For More Article Visit Rigac

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