Inside Steven Stayner Kidnapping Story -Why Did Kenneth Parnell Abduct Him


Steven Stayner was a kidnapping sufferer who teenager molester Kenneth Parnell kidnaped in Merced, California.

Steven Stayner was kidnapped and imprisoned for 200 miles in Mendocino County, California, until he was 14 when he escaped alongside Timothy White, one different of Parnell’s victims.

I Know My First Name Is Steven, which was additionally known as The Missing Years was a television miniseries primarily based totally on Steven’s experience in early 1989.

Steven Stayner Kidnapping Story Explored

On his stroll home from faculty on December 4, 1972, Steven Stayner was contacted by a person referred to as Ervin Edward Murphy, who had met convicted teenager rapist Kenneth Parnell whereas they every labored at a lodge in Yosemite National Park.

Ervin, who was regarded as a trusting, naive, and simple-minded man by many who knew him, had been lured by Kenneth to assist him in abducting a youthful baby so that Kenneth could “raise him in a religious-type thing,” as Ervin subsequently recounted.

Steven readily stepped into the auto with Ervin after agreeing to journey home with him in a white Buick pushed by Kenneth.

Instead, Kenneth drove a befuddled Steven to his cottage in neighboring Catheys Valley. Steven had no idea that Kenneth’s cabin was just some hundred toes away from his maternal grandfather’s dwelling.

A woman referred to as Barbara Mathias stayed with Kenneth and Steven for eighteen months. Barbara and Kenneth, in response to Steven, raped him 9 events when he was 9 years outdated. 

On Kenneth’s orders, Barbara tried to get one different youthful teenager who was a Santa Rosa Boys’ Club member with Stayner into Parnell’s automobile in 1975. The endeavor was a failure.

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Why Did Kenneth Parnell Abduct Steven Stayner?

Kenneth Parnell kidnapped Steven Stayner and consider to molest him. Steven was abused the first night in Parnell’s cabin. On December 17, 1972, Kenneth began rapping Steven 13 days later.

After Steven instructed Kenneth quite a lot of events that he wished to go home by the primary week, Kenneth educated him that he had been awarded approved custody of {the teenager} because of his mom and father couldn’t afford so many kids and never wished him.

When enrolling Steven in quite a lot of schools over the following quite a lot of years, Kenneth began calling him Dennis Gregory Parnell whereas holding his exact middle establish and begin date.

Kenneth pretended to be Stayner’s father, and the two traveled all by California masses, residing in areas like Santa Rosa and Comptche.

Kenneth began looking for a youthful teenager to abduct as Steven approached adolescence. Kenneth had beforehand used Steven to attempt to abduct kids, nevertheless the whole efforts had failed.

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Details On Steven Stayner Parents and Siblings

Steven Stayner was born in Merced, California, to Delbert and Kay Stayner. Steven was born as a result of the family’s third teenager.

Cary Stayner, Stayner’s oldest brother, has three sisters. Cary is a serial killer from the United States who was tried and sentenced to demise in 1999 for the deaths of 4 girls.

Cary was recruited as a handyman on the Cedar Lodge motel in El Portal, California, correct exterior the Yosemite National Park’s Highway 140 entrance, in 1997. Cause Armstrong’s murder occurred on federal grounds, Cary was prosecuted in federal courtroom.

Cary pled accountable to premeditated first-degree murder, felony first-degree murder, kidnapping resulting in demise, and tried aggravated sexual abuse resulting in demise to flee a attainable demise sentence.

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