Mum of two Chaya Raichik showcases the web’s lack of accountability


Another day, one different case of mistaken id on the internet, as Chaya Raichik speaks out on the “Libs of TikTok” confusion.

This month has seen Washington Post journalist Taylor Lorenz faceaccusations of ‘doxxing’ the creator of frequent Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.”

Now, a mother of two sharing the similar title as a result of the creator has since spoken out regarding the confusion as she has been unintentionally dragged into the ugly drama.

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Washington Post ‘names’ the Libs of TikTok creator

On April nineteenth, 2022, The Washington Post printed an article by Lorenz titled ‘Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage’.

In the article, Taylor Lorenz names Chaya Raichik as a result of the creator of the account.

Lorenz defended her dedication to reveal the woman’s id, tweeting: “Reporters make phone calls, send messages, show up places, and knock on doors when reporting out a story.”

“I reported this story out extensively, using every tool I had, to ensure I had the correct woman,” Lorenz added.

A singular Chaya Raichik speaks up

As ‘Chaya Raichik’ was named as a result of the creator of the Libs of TikTok account, some internet prospects following the story have been keen to hunt out her non-public social media account. It didn’t take prolonged for a case of mistaken id to return up.

Another woman named Chaya Raichik, who moreover creates social media content material materials, has been mistaken as a result of the creator of Libs of TikTok. This mother of two is initially from Los Angeles, California, although she is now based totally in London.

Trying to be as optimistic regarding the mistaken id case as potential, this Chaya Raichik posted a sequence of Instagram Stories on April nineteenth, 2022:

“I woke up this morning to hundreds and hundreds of new followers, so that was really exciting. I want to introduce myself to everybody that’s on here. My name is Chaya and I have two beautiful children and a wonderful husband. I have lived in London for the last four and a half years.”

“This is my Instagram account. I don’t have Twitter,” Chaya says inside the video. She reiterates this inside the Story caption, writing: “Did I already mention I don’t have Twitter?”

Taylor Lorenz explains case of mistaken id

The mother of two mentions that she lived in New York a couple of years in the previous, nonetheless hasn’t been once more in seven years. “I haven’t been to Washington D.C. ever,” Chaya gives along with mentioning she’s not a realtor. These have been all identifiers of the Libs of TikTok creator, as outlined in Taylor Lorenz’s Washington Post article.

This Chaya Raichek moreover revealed in her Instagram Stories that others sharing the title Chaya Raichek have been going by means of hostile DMs and on-line assaults. As a end result, she requested Taylor Lorenz clear up the confusion.

On April twentieth, 2022, Lorenz shared an Instagram Story explaining that this Chaya Raichek was not the one referenced in her article.

“[This Chaya Raichik] is NOT the woman from my story. She has no affiliation with Libs of TikTok and is simply a mom trying to enjoy time with her family. Please read my story where you’ll see that the Chaya I wrote about has nothing in common with this woman other than this very common name,” Lorenz writes.

Screenshot: Instagram @taylorlorenz 20/04/2022

Mum of two Chaya Raichik showcases the web’s lack of accountability.For More Article Visit Rigac

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