Where Are Afghan Survivors Malalai Hussainy and Hasina Safi Now?


In 2021, the American authorities decided to tug its troops out of Afghanistan after about twenty years, ensuing within the Taliban taking administration of the nation rapidly after. The switch resulted in a complete bunch and a whole bunch of Afghans flocking to the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, to be evacuated. HBO’s ‘Escape from Kabul’ is a gripping documentary specializing within the evacuation course of.

The manufacturing moreover sheds light on all the hardships the Afghan civilians confronted all through that time. On the current, Malalai Hussainy, a scholar, and Hasina Safi, a politician, discuss their ordeal as a result of the Taliban took over whereas they tried to flee. So, let’s uncover out further about what occurred then, we may?

Who Are Malalai Hussainy and Hasina Safi?

The withdrawal was deliberate for August 2021, with the deadline being the highest of the month. By August 15, though, the Taliban had entered Kabul. At the time, Malalai Hussainy was in her first yr of school. On the current, she talked about how life was imperfect nonetheless simple sooner than the Taliban takeover. She remembered feeling devastated on account of they wouldn’t allow ladies to verify or work, with years of wrestle for girls’s rights in jeopardy.

Malalai Hussainy

Hasina Safi was born in 1975 and had been through a similar invasion in the middle of the Nineteen Eighties; the Soviets invading Afghanistan compelled her and her family to take refuge in Pakistan. An extended-time advocate for girls’s rights, Hasina always believed education was necessary. At the age of 15, she started instructing English as a second language to Afghan refugee ladies. She moved once more to her nation in 2005, and for the next decade and a half, she labored with a variety of organizations specializing in ladies’s rights and gender equality.

In 2018, Hasina was invited by the then Afghanistan President to hitch the federal authorities as a result of the Minister of Information and Culture. In May 2020, she grew to turn out to be the Acting Minister for Women’s Affairs, a put up she held when the Taliban takeover occurred in August 2021. By then, Hasina had acknowledged for weeks that it was sure to happen. However, she stayed behind, hoping that she could possibly be consulted on tips about how to deal with points since she was part of the cabinet. Sadly, that was not the case. Hasina said, “Instead, they shut down the women’s affairs ministry, and I faced death threats.”

Hasina Safi

After that, Hasina went into hiding and will solely depart the nation in the middle of the final word days of the evacuation. She wanted to disguise herself and made her answer to the airport on August 24, 2021, solely protected by a small group of Afghan males. Hasina and her family have been ready to depart for Dubai, UAE, after which headed for the UK. She said, “I really never thought that we will be again forced to refuge again. It is a very strange feeling when you do not have your own identity, the hope, the work, the pride.”

Where Are Malalai Hussainy and Hasina Safi Today?

At the time, Malalai’s father labored inside the British Embassy, and she or he feared that they could kill him and his family if the Taliban stumbled on. On the current, Malalai described prepared open air the airport gate for days and standing in a canal full of sewage and garbage merely to get onto a plane. She recalled the emotional toll it took once more then, nonetheless they’ve been ready to get onto a flight in the long term. While Malalai did deal with to depart Afghanistan, it’s unclear the place she at current is, and she or he has chosen to take care of that information private. It’s potential, though, that Malalai and her family went to the UK after the ordeal.

Hasina Safi

As for Hasina, she at current lives at a resort in Kingston, England. She was ready to depart Kabul alongside along with her two daughters and a number of different completely different relations. Before working for the federal authorities in 2018, Hasina was the Executive Director of the Afghan Women Network for five years. She moreover has a bachelor’s diploma in laws and political science. After the evacuation, some of us criticized Hasina for not leaving earlier, alongside along with her deputies nonetheless being caught in Afghanistan.

However, Hasina said, “The reason that I did not leave in the early days was that I felt a big responsibility toward all the women who were left behind, including the minorities. Even though I was a minister, I was one of the last to leave.” Since then, Hasina has been busy attempting to help the women nonetheless in Afghanistan and has been part of many digital conferences and webinars. She added, “The world may have moved on, but we can’t. Every day we hear bad news from my country. Those of us who have escaped have a responsibility towards those who could not. I still believe that I will return home once again.”

Where Are Afghan Survivors Malalai Hussainy and Hasina Safi Now?.For More Article Visit Rigac

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