Who Is Kyiv Ukraine Ghost? Does ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ Really Exist?


Who Is Kyiv Ukraine Ghost?:- The Ghost of Kyiv is a MiG-29 Fulcrum flying ace that broken 10 Russian jets on 27 February 2022 and shot down 6 Ryssuab planes on 24 February 2022. This ace has been a morale booster for Ukrainians. 

Here we talk about Who Is Kyiv Ukraine Ghost? 

Who Is Kyiv Ukraine Ghost?

On 24 February 2022, A MiG-29 flying ace shot down 6 air fights of Russia within the sky of Kyiv inside the first 30 hours of the invasion. This ace’s legendary pilot has been given the nickname the “Ghost of Kyiv” by the Ukrainian public. Those fired Russian planes are reported as a MiG-29, Two Su-35s, a Su-27, and Two Su-25s.

Ukraine’s former president Poroshenko posted a photograph of a MiG-29 ace’s pilot who was given the title of the Ghost of Kyiv. Poroshenko stated,

“With such strong defenders, Ukraine will definitely win!”


Does ‘ghost of Kyiv’ actually exist?

A YouTuber who posted the video on 24 February 2022, writes,

“If he is real, may God be with him; if he is fake, I pray for more like ‘him.’”

The Ghost of Kiev’s combat is sort of a sequence from the online game “Digital Combat Simulator World.

Kyiv Ukraine Ghost Identity

Kyiv Ukraine Ghost’s id remains to be not added wherever on the web. No one find out about him. 

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Who Is Kyiv Ukraine Ghost? Does ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ Really Exist?.For More Article Visit Rigac

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