Who Is Major Serhiy Volyna? Video Explained On Twitter


Major Serhiy Volyna’s video is outlined on Twitter with English subtitles by Telegraph World News. He is the commander of the Mariupol military.

Major Serhiy Volyna’s determine is trending on the web after a video of him asking for help in opposition to the Russian drive went viral on the web.

The commander of Ukraine’s remaining foothold throughout the southern port metropolis of Mariupol, which is besieged by Russian forces and beneath steady hearth, declared Tuesday that his troops just isn’t going to surrender.

Volyna pleaded with world leaders, notably President Biden, to rearrange an “extraction” by which a third nation would guarantee the safety of troops and residents leaving Mariupol.

Who Is Major Serhiy Volyna?

Major Serhiy Volyna was accountable for the thirty sixth Separate Marine Brigade, whose troopers had been defending the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in opposition to a Russian.

Recently, after he made a video and printed it on the web, the video went viral amongst social media clients and web sites.

His drive was attempting to protect the civilians and property of the Mariupol military area. They had been doing a implausible job until the enemy struck them with the upper hand.

Sadly the enemy drive was big in amount than his workforce, so his workforce obtained outnumbered by an enormous margin. 

He warned his males wouldn’t make the equivalent error as others in trusting Russian pledges of protected passage, speaking by way of a shaky satellite tv for pc television for computer connection.

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Major Serhiy Volyna Video Explained On Twitter

A video was revealed on the Twitter platform by Telegraph world info containing a speech from Major Serhiy Volyna.

The video clip presents the phrases of the Major, who’s eager to offer his life by the continued Russia and Ukraine warfare.

He begins the video clip by providing his workforce’s deal with to the world and even states that the video or his phrases might very effectively be the ultimate time people hear it.

 He extra outlined to the oldsters having a lot much less time left as a result of the enemy forces had been ten cases higher than his troops. His workforce was attempting to protect the plant the place the Mariupol military has a garrison and civilians.

According to him, the Mariupol garrison had 500 wounded troopers, women, and youngsters. The video ended after the Major urged for his or her and the garrison’s safety.

Where Is Major Serhiy Volyna Now After The Video?

Major Serhiy Volyna has not made any updates after the video, which has made people question the place he’s now.

Likewise, his family members moreover don’t reveal the small print of his whereabouts. Even his family might not have gotten any particulars about his current state of affairs.

Washington Post launched the data that the Russian Ministry of Defense set a deadline for the Ukrainians to surrender their weapons and depart the iron and metallic manufacturing unit earlier Tuesday.

As the autumn of city looms, Volyna presents a unusual view into the lives of the military and plenty of of civilians, along with women and youngsters, who’re sheltering contained within the metallic mill that has captivated the world’s consideration.

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Last Modified: April 20, 2022

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